Plant Replacement

Stunning, lush landscapes start with personalized planting plans that work for your property, your lifestyle, and our coastal climate. A creative planting plan can make a tremendous difference in the visual appeal of your property over many years. The professionals at Amazing Blades Landscaping offer both horticultural and ecological knowledge to help you create beautiful year round landscapes.

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Selection Guidance & Expert Installation

If you are planning a new landscape or just have one plant to replace, it’s important to consider which plants thrive in in our coastal climate. Much of what helps palm trees, shrubs, and annuals survive and thrive in our coastal climate is planting at the right time. Amazing Blades’ landscaping professionals know when to plant for maximum enjoyment and protection of your investment.

The proof of the efforts of your team is clearly visible in the condition of our lawn. Our lawn looks beautiful compared to many of our neighbors!

— Alex