Lawn Insect Control

It takes education, persistence and dedication to battle and defeat lawn insect infestations. The professionals at Amazing Blades Landscaping are equipped to win your bug war. We offer solutions for the following pests, and more:

Mole Cricket Control

Managing mole crickets is no easy task. Staying ahead of these destructive insects requires persistence and monitoring. It also means that dealing with mole crickets is not a one-and-done insecticide application solution. It requires a tactical plan that addresses both the present state of your lawn and its future. Our well-trained, licensed experts evaluate your lawn, determine the correct insecticide and strength for your mole cricket problem and set a timetable for treatment.

Chinch Bug Control

Chinch bugs absolutely love St. Augustine grass! That’s bad news for many home owners in coastal South Carolina. Chinch bugs are tiny, but don’t let their size fool you. They suck the fluids from your grass, and then inject it with toxins that cause it to turn brown and die. If undetected and untreated, chinch bugs absolutely thrive in open areas exposed to full sunlight. And they do love a drought.

Fire Ant Control

Fire ant mounds are unsightly. Fire ant stings are unsightly, too, not to mention one of the most painful of all insect bites. And for some people, the bite is life threatening. Let the lawn insect professionals at Amazing Blades Landscaping inspect and treat your lawn for dangerous fire ants. Our proven methods, applied by our expert technicians, control both the mounds and the ants themselves.

Ensure a Healthy, Pest-Free Lawn with Our Effective Insect Control

At Amazing Blades Landscaping, our dedicated lawn insect control services are specifically designed to safeguard your lawn from harmful pests. Utilizing advanced treatment methods, our skilled professionals work diligently to prevent, treat, and manage insect infestations, helping to maintain your lawn’s health and appearance. Protect your outdoor space from the damage caused by invasive insects. Reach out to us now to set up a comprehensive pest management plan tailored just for your lawn.

I’m impressed with your company’s professionalism and will certainly recommend you to anyone I know looking for a landscaper.

— Dane