Lawn Care in Pawleys Island, SC

With nearly twenty years' experience, Amazing Blades Landscaping focuses on enhancing the beauty and value of each client's property. We listen carefully to what our clients want, and will exceed your expectations every step of the way. We are members of the National Association of Landscape Professionals and the South Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association.

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Our program is not limited to one specialty; we offer shrub & tree care, lawn insect and disease control services, and more. In South Carolina, the heat, sandy soil, and strong ocean winds can take a toll on grassy lawns. We understand the local climate and its effect on your lawn. Some common tasks we'll preform are:

Shrub and tree deep root fertilization: By fertilizing your trees and shrubs, you are allowing them to get the proper nutrients they need to develop deep root systems. Fertilizing also helps make them stronger and better able to fight off diseases and insects.
Bush, Hedge, & Tree Trimming: The bushes, hedges, and trees on your lawn will need to be put to bed during the winter dormant season. Pruning your trees and bushes is essential in preserving their overall health. However, pruning too much at the wrong time can be detrimental and can kill your trees. It’s important to know when and where to prune before you start. At Jones Road Tree Service, we know the different species involved in your landscape and can help you prune your trees and prepare your yard for the fall and winter seasons!
Remember to mulch: Any area in your landscape where there are trees and shrubs planted should also have a 2-3 inch layer of mulch. Mulch acts as a barrier and helps protect the roots from frost and can be critical for new and sensitive plantings to make it through a harsh winter. Mulch will actively protect your plants’ roots from frost and will help them retain moisture. 

Important Lawn Care Tips For Homes in Pawleys Island, SC

It's important to evaluate your landscape after every season to ensure that your trees, shrubs, and lawn are prepared for the changes in temperatures. Here are a few tips from our lawn and tree experts:

Fertilization: Fertilization is an important aspect of keeping trees, shrubs, and grass growing strong and tall by providing them with the proper nourishment. Our fertilizers and soil treatment programs help to build up the soil’s biology and create a natural soil web network that greatly benefits your trees and shrubs. Spring is a good time to start fertilization, as your soil and the plant roots that inhabit it are likely in need of additional nutrients following the cold winter months.

Insect & Disease Control Planning: Insect and disease control is especially vital during the growing season, in order to prevent infestation of pests and the common diseases they cause to your trees and shrubs. The best approach to pest management is combating an infestation before it even starts, which requires an integrative approach to inspecting and identifying any potential problems with each major pest at the optimum time.

Inspect for Winter Damage: Winter can be harsh on your trees and landscape, as snow and ice, wind, and extreme cold temperatures can all contribute to damage on your property. In order for your spring lawn and tree efforts to be successful, you’ll also need to inspect for and assess any damage sustained by your landscape and trees over the winter months. Once you’ve identified any damage that will require attention, the next step is scheduling any necessary pruning, cabling and bracing, removals or other reparative action that needs to take place, depending on the level and type of damage.

Make Pruning Plans: Proper pruning is an important part of maintaining your trees. Not only does pruning help to alleviate damage and maintain the aesthetic of your trees and shrubs, it can also help to keep them growing in the right direction and at the proper rate. Pruning should be taken care of a by a tree care professional who knows how to make cuts without sacrificing the shape, size, beauty or health of your trees.

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