Lawn Care Treatments

Amazing Blades’ lawn care professionals understand the difficulties of cultivating and maintaining lush, green lawns in South Carolina’s coastal region. Blistering heat, sandy soil, and strong ocean winds can take a toll on grassy lawns. But we’re going to let you in on a little secret here: lawn care services from Amazing Blades Landscaping are the difference between an OK lawn and a gorgeous lawn!

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Our 8-Step Lawn Care Process

This package requires an irrigation system to be effective. If one is not in place, we would be more than happy to install one for you. 

  1. Application of Potassium Fertilizer with Pre-emergent Weed Control to help prevent weed germination.
  2. Top Choice application for Mole Cricket and Fire Ant Control.
  3. Complete Balanced Fertilization is done during the grass transition period.
  4. Post-emergent Weed Application with Liquid Iron for weed control and lawn green-up.
  5. Complete Balanced Fertilization and spot treatment for broad-leaf weeds.
  6. Complete Balanced Fertilization and spot treatment for broad-leaf weeds.
  7. Liquid Potassium Fertilizer.
  8. Potassium Fertilizer with Pre-emergent Weed control to help prevent weed germination.

This is a liquid application that creates a gas barrier in the soil which helps prevent weed germination. Includes liquid potassium fertilizer for root development.

*This package is the minimum recommended. One full year of this Chemical program is recommended for the best results.

**Please note there may be extra weed control needed in addition to what is included in this package, based on your specific lawn issues. The insecticide application is to treat/prevent fire ants and/or mole crickets only. Please be aware there are many species/varieties of pests and fungi that can cause damage to your lawn that are not treated with this package. Any application needed outside of this package is NOT included in the cost and will be an additional charge.

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Premium Monthly Lawn Application Program

This package allows our tech to be on-site every month to ensure your lawn is getting all of the care it needs at a fixed monthly rate.

We have added in Armyworm and Fungicide applications so they will be applied as preventatives at the proper time. We are adding Diamond grow, a humic acid that aids in the effectiveness of our fertilization program, and encourages healthy soil. Growth regulators are being utilized to slow down the up growth of the turf, encourage side growth (thickening of the turf), and water conservation during the heat.

Month-To-Month Schedule

January: Pre-emergent weed control and liquid potassium fertilizer
February: Top choice (mole crickets and fire ants)
March: Diamond grow and Fungicide
April: Granular fertilizer
May: Broadleaf weed control, liquid iron, Diamond grow and growth regulator
June: Granular fertilizer and spot-treating weeds
July: Diamond grow, growth regulator, spot treat weeds, and Insecticide (Chinch bug and Grub control)
August: Liquid Iron, Liquid Potassium, and Broadleaf weed control,
September: Diamond grow, Insecticide (Armyworm preventative)
October: Liquid Potassium, Winter Pre-Emergent, Fungicide
November: Diamond grow, spot treat fungus
December: Winter Pre-Emergent and spot-treating weeds

With this program, we recommend our Premium Irrigation Service Package to ensure the yard is getting the proper water, and Weekly Lawn Mowing in season.

Though this is a very comprehensive program, we still can not control Dallis grass, Torpedo grass, Crab Grass, Moles, root pearls, or nematodes. No matter what chemicals we apply to the lawn, without the correct amount of water and sunlight, your lawn will struggle.

This Lawn App package is not a warranty service. Unfortunately, your lawn can still be subject to damage and environmental factors, and areas may die off. Amazing Blades is not responsible for areas that die off over the winter, or in extreme weather conditions. Also if your yard has large areas of weeds, once we remove the weeds it is recommended that the areas be resodded. It is much easier to keep the area weed-free when sod is installed, compared to keeping it weed-free for a year as the grass slowly fills in.

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Landscaping Maintenance Program

Need help keeping your lawn free from weeds all year long?

From weed control to lawn mowing - we're here to help with a customized landscaping maintenance program in Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Little RIver, Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island, and the surrounding areas.

Nothing but great things to say about this company! Prompt, professional, courteous, well equipped, able to tackle the tough jobs.

— Dave