The Mole Cricket War

If you've had mole crickets in the past, you know the destructive damage these creatures can do to a lawn. These pests will not only eat other dirt dwellers like worms and larvae, but also the roots and grasses of the area they are living in. Pick an area you'd like to check for mole crickets and do a mild soap wash. Mix 2 tablespoons of lemon-scented dish washing liquid per 2 gallons of water per square yard. Gradually pour the solution on the area you want to test and wait. The soap solution acts as an irritant and within a few minutes mole crickets, their nymphs and even other insects will start to rise to the surface. Be sure to make note of any mole crickets you see and where you located them.

Think about moisture

Mole crickets like damp soil. If the surface soil doesn't have enough moisture in it, like during prolonged rain shortages, they will dig deeper to find it. It is much harder to control outbreaks during drought like conditions.

Study your chemicals and keep them guessing

Some products on the market can act as a repellant, instead of the killing machine you were hoping for. What's the point of an eviction notice, if all you do is send them to another room of the house? Make sure to get the right pesticide for the job. Also, rotate your chemicals. In order to dissuade the mole crickets from developing a resistance to one certain formula, use different chemistry plans to keep the population down.

Hit 'em hard, hit 'em early, and always have Plan B!

The optimum time for treating mole crickets is when the eggs have hatched into small nymphs. The egg hatching usually takes about 20 days. If you've missed this window, don't panic. There is still hope! With small area infestations, you might have better success with baiting. Baiting helps draw the crickets to the surface so they can be removed. With larger infestations, you have to go with chemical applications to fully control the problem. Mole crickets are voracious eaters and can destroy your lawn without you ever even seeing one up close. Do your homework, study your subjects and tackle these beasts head on - your yard needs you! Amazing Blades Landscaping has experts on hand to help you stop the damage now. 

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