Spring Lawn Maintenance

This is the time of the year to get ahead of the curve and establish a shrub and tree care maintenance schedule so your property reaches its beautiful potential from the grass blades to the highest treetops. Let's look at some May lawn care steps that will get your lawn off to a healthy beginning:


Oh, those pesky weeds! They stand out like a sore thumb in your lush lawn. And worst case, they choke out your carpet-like grass. Right now is the time to take those annoying weeds by the root and show them who's boss. Talk to your expert lawn care professionals at Amazing Blades Landscaping about a pre-emergence herbicide such as Dismiss® for your lawn before the weeds start producing seeds for future generations. If you manage any warm-season turf, consult with your lawn maintenance professional before using post-emergence herbicides.


Let us test your lawn's pH. Professional testing of your lawn's pH levels gives you an idea of how much lime, if any, is needed for optimal growth potential. Lime applications such as Solucal® are rich in calcium (Ca), which is a major influence on your soil's pH. Calcium also helps your grass drink in nutrients (that's a good thing!) and helps your soil retain moisture (also a good thing!) in dry weather.


Your lawn shows the first signs of green and what's the first thing you want to do? Add fertilizer! And more is better, right? No! Over-fertilizing your lawn can potentially do more harm than not fertilizing at all. A professional landscaping service - you know we're talking about the experts at Amazing Blades Landscaping - treats and evaluates every lawn individually, depending on grass type, sunlight levels, drainage, etc., to determine when to fertilize and how much.


If you have Indian Hawthorne, Azaleas, Camellias or other susceptible shrubs, chances are that you have Leaf Spot fungus. Shrub maintenance this time of year treats new growth to prevent the spreading of the fungus as the spores germinate. Treatment will not repair damage already done, but it will protect important new growth.


Let's talk about tree maintenance. Let's talk scales, specifically Lecanium scales. They're little critters that attach themselves to the leaves and twigs of trees and shrubs. If you have oaks on your property, there's a good chance you could have at the very least the beginning of an infestation of these little suckers. Yes, they suck. They really do! They suck the sap from the host plant and secrete honeydew which can coat anything underneath the tree with a sticky sap. And let's not forget that an infestation can cause great damage to the tree, too. The good news is that your Amazing Blades Landscaping expert can evaluate your trees and, if there's a problem, take corrective action.

Amazing Blades did our yard and the next day we got Yard of the Month!

— Andrew, Myrtle Beach