Six Easy Steps to A Winter Lawn

Many people think that the onset of Fall and Winter means no more taking care of the lawn or cutting the grass. However, Amazing Blades would like to remind you that preparing your lawn now for winter can actually give you a better, healthier, and more beautiful lawn next spring. There are several things you can do to get ready.

Feed the Need

Just like a hungry chipmunk storing acorns for winter your lawn needs food as well. Feeding your lawn the right kind of fertilizer is critical. Amazing Blades knows what fertilizer your grass is going to need to make it through the long winter months. Sometimes soil or pH tests are required to figure out the right type and amount of fertilizer needed, however doing this properly can help your lawn make it through the winter and be beautiful in the spring.

Fixing the Damage Done

Most people don't like brown spots and weeds in their nice green summer lawn. Fall is a great time to repair that damage. Amazing Blades can help with this by reseeding your lawn and putting down extra top soil. The seeds will take hold in the soil now and sprout up when the weather starts to warm, choking out weeds and greening up your bare spots.

Keep the Water Flowing

Even through your grass may start to look brown when it goes into the winter dormant stage, it is still important to keep watering it. A lawn in general needs to get an inch of water every 2 1/2 weeks until the first freeze.

Making The Move

Before winter arrives, larger plants start to focus on their roots systems. This makes it the perfect time to transplant those trees or shrubs to a different location in yard. It is, however, important to do it properly so that you don't damage the roots. Amazing Blades has years of experience in the lawn care business and can move anything you need, without damaging the roots.

Cleaning and Composting

Clearing the leaves and debris before winter is important to keep your lawn healthy and ready for spring. Amazing Blades is of course always ready to make that back breaking chore a little easier. In addition, if you have always wanted to try composting, now is the perfect time to start. Amazing Blades is happy tell you everything you will need to make some nutrient rich top soil for your garden next spring.

Pressure Washing

Keeping a happy lawn also means taking care of the structures that are on it. Amazing Blades is happy to announce it has added pressure washing to its list of services. Pressure washing not only not only makes your home or business look fantastic but it also protects your structures and surrounding areas from damage. Pressure washing can clear debris, remove hard water stains, and remove rubbish in cracks and crevices that can actually start to breakdown the foundation of your home or business. Having your structures pressure washed a few times a year can keep you them looking beautiful and reduce the effects Mother Nature can have over time.

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Amazing Blades did a great job and everything looks SO GOOD. They know what needs to be done and get it done!

— Susan, Pawleys Island